What is get net zero?

Get Net Zero is a simple new way for businesses and organisations to work out their Carbon footprint and take practical steps to reduce it, with the aim of becoming carbon neutral. We don't think conventional environmental management systems suit everyone as they focus too much on what isn’t working rather than what is. We developed Get Net Zero to support and inspire change through celebrating the positive action taken by members. Basic membership is free and any business, group or organisaiton can join.


Any organisation large or small can use the Get Net Zero framework to manage its Carbon footprint and use it to focus action on the areas with the greatest potential savings, based on a simpler version of the Environmental Management Systems (EMS) approach. We want to hear from anyone interested in becoming a member, a delivery partner, a supporter or setting up Get net Zero in your area or sector, publicing your low carbon goods or services or sharing good practice in the #GetNetZero campaign.

More About us

Get Net Zero is a collaboration between organisations working to tackle climate change. It is led by the Sustainable Business Partnership Community Interest Company. We have over twenty years’ experience helping organisations reduce their impact on the environment and save money on their energy, waste and water. We have helped over 3,000 organisations and we work with businesses, local authorities and business membership groups. Get in touch to learn more of help us make it happen.