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Climate change has rocketed up the everyone's agenda in the last year with many organisations declaring climate emergencies, Greta Thumberg, the Youth Strikes, Extinction Rebellion and the increasingly obvious impacts of climate change on the global weather system. International climate policy has not delivered the fundamental changes needed to limit climate change impacts and this has led to the rise of individuals, businesses and groups taking action themselves. 

Governments and organisations have responded to the increased activism and scientific evidence for limiting global temperature rises by declaring a climate emergency or committing to Net Zero Carbon emissions by 2030 (or both).

Making a net zero commitment is easy but it is just the first step.

The big challenge is figuring out exactly what that means and how to achieve it. One positive for anyone working on environmental / energy / sustainability projects is that these areas are suddenly in the spotlight. Getting your organisation to commit to net zero or declare a climate change emergency provides a fantastic opportunity for anyone wanting to raise the profile of their environmental or energy saving projects to senior management to make sure they get the support they need to suceed.

Get Net Zero provides a framework that a business or organisation can use to build their Net Zero Programme and take action. It is based around the Plan-Do-Check-Review cycle that is common to all good managment systems and it supports change by focusing on all the good things people and organisations are doing rather than focusing on the negative stuff and making people feel guilty.

We help organisations and businesses put together a programme of actions to tackle their biggest sources of carbon and other greenhouse gas emissions, then to CELEBRATE all the good things publicly to show businesses being a force for good in their communities and to inspire others to do the same.

It's time to take action on climate change

It's time to Get Net Zero


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