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  1. The International Standard for Environmental Management Systems ISO 14001 is a tool for monitoring and managing the impact of an organisation's activities on the environment. It fits neatly alongside a range of other management systems (18001, 9001, 20121 etc) and it helps thousands of organisations manage their impacts and continuously improve their performance. It is commonly used in public sector procurement as a proxy for good environmental practice in potential suppliers.

    As a lead auditor for ISO 14001, our Managing Director was responsible for a ISO 14001 and ISO 20121 system covering major venues, offices and outdoor events. Here she shares her thoughts on the system that helped shape Get Net Zero but why it hasn’t worked for a lot of organisations that have tried using it.

  2. Get Net Zero is a project being led by the Sustainable Business Partnership Community Interest Company (the SBP). The SBP is a not for profit organisation that has helped over 3000 organisations reduce their impact on the environment and is always thinking up new innovative ways to help businesses and organisations be kinder to the environment and be a force for good in their communities. You can read more about the SBP and it's key staff on the website. Other SBPs were set up across the South East Region and other similar networks exist in the US, Australia and New Zealand.